Oracle Database 18C: Managing Multitenant Architecture

Database 18c Managing Multitenant Architecture

Course Objectives

  • Manage PDB snapshots;
  • Encrypt data in PDBs and isolate PDB keystore;
  • Monitor performance in CDBs and PDBs;
  • Audit users in CDB and PDBs;
  • Protect data with Database Vault policies in CDB and PDBs;
  • Manage a CDB fleet;
  • Manage resource allocation between PDBs and within a PDB;
  • Use Data Pump operations from a non-CDB or CDB into a PDB;
  • Upgrade 12c CDBs or PDBs to 18c;
  • Configure and create a CDB;
  • Create, clone, unplug, plug, relocate, proxy, switch over and drop PDBs;
  • Startup and shutdown CDBs and PDBs;
  • Manage tablespaces in CDB and PDBs;
  • Manage common and local users, roles, privileges, profiles, objects in CDBs and PDBs;
  • Manage PDB lockdown profiles;
  • Backup, duplicate, recover and flashback CDB and PDBs.

What you will learn

This course covers all aspects of the multitenant architecture, providing detailed information on the components of a CDB and its regular and application PDBs. You learn why and how to create and manage a CDB and its regular and application PDBs, with storage structures appropriate for the business applications. You practice cold and hot cloning, plugging unplugged PDBs in CDBs using various methods. In addition, you learn how to ensure the security within the containers of the CDB. You create common and local users, grant common and local privileges and roles, and administer database security to meet your business requirements by using encryption, Database Vault and auditing. This course includes CDB and PDBs backup, duplicate, recovery and flashback procedures. You learn how to monitor the performance and manage resources within a CDB and its PDBs, and within each PDB. It introduces the data movement capabilities between non-CDBs and PDBs, and between PDBs. Finally, it is also covers the procedures of upgrading an Oracle Database 12.2 CDB to an Oracle Database 18c CDB or an Oracle Database 12.2 PDB to an Oracle Database 18c PDB.

Duration: 4 Days


Oracle Database 18c: Administration Workshop Ed 1.
Oracle Database 18c: Administration Workshop Ed 1 LVC.

Database Administrator


Course Topics

  • CDB Basics
  • CDB and Regular PDBs
  • Application PDBs and Application Installation
  • PDB Creation
  • CDB and PDB Management
  • Storage
  • Security
  • Backup and Duplicate
  • Recovery and Flashback
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Resources Allocation
  • Data Movement
  • Upgrade methods
  • Miscellaneous

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